Our Partners

The goal of Lucy Software is to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. This means bringing together the appropriate technologies and services into one coherent offering.
For this reason, Lucy Software has both technology and business partners located in various regions. We are continually evaluating new partnership opportunities that add value to our customers. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact Lucy Software.


Acrolinx helps companies create more findable, readable & engaging content.

The Acrolinx software accompanies authors through the content creation process and works together with a variety of content creation tools. Content created with the help of Acrolinx is better suited for machine translation and helps customers get more out of their Lucy LT implementations.


Advia is an ERP consulting company specialising in process and project management. Advia has wide SAP experience and works together with Lucy Software with internationally active clients.

Delta International

As a translation and documentation specialist, our aim at DELTA is to provide you with high-quality services in the fields of documentation, translation and localization, delivered to schedule in close collaboration with you and your company and supported by processes and applications that will save you time and money.

DELTA has wide expertise in the implementation of machine translation solutions such as Lucy LT, embedding of MT in the overall translation process and in post-editing techniques for optimum results.


Using the procedures and technology for translation and localization, as well as direct links to professional translators, layout designers, sound engineers, etc. around the world, Eule's proficient and experienced specialists can provide companies with optimal translation and localization services. In addition to holding a certification as SAP Partner and one as Certified Service Partner from across, Eule is certified according to EN 15038, the European translation quality standard.

Eule has wide experience with machine translation implementations and post-editing.


euroscript International S.A., leading solution provider in the area of multilingual content lifecycle management, and Lucy Software and Services GmbH offer comprehensive solutions for multilingual communication for industrial enterprises that are active internationally.

Thanks to euroscript’s linguistic competence and many years of experience in the highly complex area of multilingual content management, coupled with Lucy Software’s technical expertise and the power of its Lucy LT translation server, the partners are ideally positioned to support companies in implementing efficient and cost-effective translation processes that ensure smooth international business operations.


Incyta is a Barcelona-based company with wide experience as a translation service and as a linguistic technology provider. Lucy Software partners with Incyta in the Iberian peninsula, particularly in the Catalan region, providing end-to-end translation solutions for major clients both in the public and the private sector.

JABA Translations

JABA is a translation agency that specializes in providing highly efficient and cost-effective translation services to other translation vendors.

JABA utilizes Lucy LT to further optimize the translation and language conversion process.


Linguaserve partners with Lucy Software in the Iberian peninsula, providing end-to-end translation solutions for major clients.
Linguaserve's mission is to find solutions to a wide range of multilingual communication needs: from the translation of short documents to the localization and globalization of major information systems.
Linguaserve provides cutting-edge translation, language services and multilingual solutions. Its human resources, technology and communication systems enable the company to work with any customer in the world. It offers bespoke services and solutions for both small and medium-sized companies and for large companies and public administration bodies, offering a complete package of solutions and services.

Stolz IT

Stolz IT is specialized in XML-based documentation and content management systems and workflows with full SAP integration.

Companies such as Daimler and MAHLE Behr rely on Stolz IT Consulting as their trusted partner.

Text and Form

Text&Form is a localization and translation company for all languages. The company focuses on all areas from software applications to multimedia content, from automotive technology to business intelligence software, from marketing materials to packaging materials.

Text&Form partner with Lucy Software in the machine translation area.