Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural training

Lucy Software offers coaching to help you overcome cultural barriers in international rollout projects.

If you are preparing rollouts in challenging target locations such as Asia, you will want to take advantage of Lucy Software’s experience and advice on how to overcome cultural barriers.
Often these are seriously underestimated.

Don't put your project at risk.

We help make your rollouts a success, no matter where they are.

Some typical challenges in Asia

The following images highlight the kinds of challenges you may face when dealing with the Asian market.

Perceptions and interaction are considerably different to what Europeans or Americans would expect.

Understanding the difference can make all the difference.


Whereas in the western world management may sometimes be regarded almost as equals, in Asia this is not at all the case.
People may not speak up in open meetings because the "boss" is present.


Different perceptions of hierarchy

Problem Solving

In the western world often problems are solved with a radical approach. Any opposition is brushed aside. In Asia this can be regarded as an afront.
The approach here is rather to "step around" problems and not tread on anyone's toes.

Problem solving

Different approaches to problem solving


Respect and keeping one's "face" is highly important in Asia. Respectfully inspecting a business card is far more important than in the West.


The importance of "face"