Full Service Translation

Lucy Software provides turnkey translation, enabling the customer to focus on core competencies.

Lucy Software looks after all aspects of the translation effort from systems analysis, to translation system setup, translation, language transports, testing, troubleshooting and post-go live support.

SAP translation workflow

The service can be a one-time effort or a long-term contract with regular system updates and translation of development deltas.
We have supported many of our customers for several years and with multiple languages.
Whatever your needs, we ensure that translation is performed in the most efficient manner while guaranteeing a sustainable long-term process.

Translation services include:

Translation in an SAP Development & rollout cycle

These are the areas in a typical development and rollout cycle that require translation support and where Lucy Software can help you.

Project Timeline

Quality Assurance

The Lucy Software 4-step approach to total quality assurance for SAP content:

1. Built-in quality from the outset. Lucy Software achieves quality by exclusively using experienced SAP translators. Lucy Software has built up a worldwide team of highly skilled individual translators and partners. This team delivers quality as a matter of course.

2. 4-eye principle Double check of translations by senior linguists with outstanding knowledge of SAP terminology.

3. Automated check for consistency of entries in the SAP proposal pool.

4. Synchronizing of terminology between SAP UI texts and offline materials such as training content with the Lucy Software Term Synchronizer.