ULG’s Acquisition of Lucy Software:

What To Expect In The Coming Months

Minneapolis, MN, USA / Waibstadt, Germany (11/01/2017) 

In March of 2017, United Language Group (ULG) announced its acquisition of Lucy Software and Services. The merging of our teams marks the beginning of a new era for us, with an expanded set of service offerings, wider global reach and an updated look. We are excited to make this change after 10 years of serving our customers with secure MT software and SAP localization solutions.

Early Successes

The acquisition has allowed us to expand our MT software development efforts and language support. In July 2017, the Lucy Software and ULG development teams celebrated the release of OctaveMT, ULG’s proprietary MT software. We continue to work to deliver best in class MT software solutions with our combined teams and larger bandwidth.

Our partnership with ULG allows us to provide quality-driven translation, localization, and interpreting services to our current customers and new prospects, in addition to our core competency of SAP localization and MT software services.

Upcoming Milestones

We are in the process of rebranding our materials, IT infrastructure, and website to the ULG brand. In light of this transition, look for the following changes in the coming months:

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This rebranding process does not change the core staff or day-to-day operations at Lucy Software, and our legal information will not be affected by the rebrand.

To learn more about what the future holds with ULG, visit them at unitedlanguagegroup.com or on their Twitter or Facebook pages.

We’re extremely excited about what the rest of 2017 holds and can’t wait to kick off the new year!