Lucy Software presents at Basque MT seminar in San Sebastian

Lucy Software attended and presented at a seminar on MT and Basque organized by the Linguistic Policy Department of the Basque Government on May 18, 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain.

Juan Alonso, managing director and lead research linguist with Lucy Software Ibérica in Barcelona, attended the seminar and gave a presentation on the approach to MT taken by Lucy Software regarding the particular challenges posed by Basque as a source and target language.

After the seminar, there was a press conference where the new Basque > English language direction, developed by Lucy Software and delivered to the Basque Government last December, was officially presented (see

Patxi Baztarrika, Vice-Counselor of Linguistic Policy in the Basque region, provided impressive statistics on the translation volumes generated in the external open portal of the Basque Government that offers machine translation for the language directions:

all powered by the Lucy LT machine translation software.

In 2015 10,889,174 words were translated via the portal. Current translation volumes have reached approximately 1,500,000 words per month.

In the course of the last year the volume of translation has increased by 67.38% - a strong testimony to the value of the Basque MT service and the quality of the translations provided by the Lucy LT software - and that for a very unique and challenging language - Basque.

Link to the Basque Translation Portal: