Basque Government Officially Releases Two New MT Language Directions

At a press conference held last Wednesday (April 2nd) in Bilbao, the Basque Government officially presented the new MT language directions Basque-to-Spanish and English-to-Basque which are now available through their Portal (, in addition to the already existing direction Spanish-to-Basque. The Minister of Culture of the Basque Government  - Cristina Uriarte, the Deputy Minister of Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government - Patxi Baztarrika, and Juan Alberto Alonso from Lucy Software Ibérica spoke about the development and importance of these new language directions. During the presentation, a new application that will enable users to access the Basque Government MT Portal from Android and iOS mobile devices was also presented.

In collaboration with the Basque company UZEI, Lucy Software developed the two new language directions over the last two years. The development of the Basque-to-Spanish direction, in particular, represented a real challenge, both from the linguistic and the computational point of view since it implied designing, implementing, and testing a brand-new analysis grammar for Basque. Basque being a non-Indo-European language, unrelated to any other human language, it meant to handle new morpho-syntactic structures and finding solutions to deal with new linguistic phenomena specific to Basque.

The results are very encouraging since for Basque-to-Spanish, our MT systems yields a better MT quality than Google Translator in more than 70% of the cases, and this already with the first release!

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