Lucy SW at the MT Summit in Nice

The 14th MT Summit is taking place in Nice, France at the ACROPOLIS conference centre 2 - 6 September 2013, the main conference starting on September 3. Lucy SW is represented by Daniel Grasmick and Petra Wolf, who you can e.g. meet at the Lucy SW booth. Daniel Grasmick, who also is a member of the MT Summit Program Committee, will be chairing various sessions:

On September 4 (16:30-17:00), Petra Wolf from our Munich office will be giving a presentation on 'Hybrid Domain Adaptation for a Rule Based MT System', she wrote together with her colleague Dr. Ulrike Bernardi.

Thomas Senf and Horst Liebscher, from our partner text&form GmbH, are talking on 'Terminology Management in an MT Context' on Wednesday, 4 September, starting at 17 p.m.

Harald Elsen, from our partner DELTA International CITS GmbH, will be holding the key note on September 5. He will be talking about 'Demystifying Machine Translation: Learning from the Real World'.

Last but not least, Lucy SW is supporting the MT Summit by sponsoring the WiFi connection.

Enjoy the conference!