Lucy SW at tekom-Jahrestagung, 18-20 October 2011

This year’s tekom-Jahrestagung is scheduled for 18-20 October.

This time, Daniel Grasmick and Christopher Hearn from Lucy SW will be sharing a booth with Eule Lokalisierung GmbH (Website Eule Lokalisierung) and Delta International CITS GmbH (Website Dicits) (LED). Drop by Booth F05 to listen to one of the interesting presentations and demos (Booth Presentations). Following the presentations, you have the chance to win one of the 10 LED flashlights from the raffle.

Daniel Grasmick will be presenting on “Tapping into Partner Networks: Customer Benefits of a Co-operation between LSP and MT Provider” together with Hans-Udo Stadler (CLS Communication AG, Basel, Schwitzerland) on Wednesday, 19th October (LOC 13, 15:00-15:45, Room 12B).

On Wednesday, 19th October, you will also have the possibility to attend a panel discussion (TECH-POD 5, 12:15-13:00, Room 2C), with Daniel Grasmick, Jörgen Danielsen (EULE Lokalisierung) and Harald Elsen (DELTA International) on “Maschinelle Übersetzung in der täglichen Praxis“.

Other interesting presentations by Lucy SW partners:

On Tuesday, 18th October, Harald Elsen (DELTA International CITS GmbH, Bonn) and Angelika Zerfaß (ZAAC, Wachtberg) will investigate (13:45-14:30, TERM 4, Room 6.1) which skills are required for editing machine translated texts.

Cindy Tscherwinka from euroscript Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, will also be presenting on Tuesday, 18th October, together with Aljoscha Burchardt from Deutschen Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI), Berlin,. Their presentation is on “Economically Feasible Tribrid Machine Translation” (14:45-15:30, LOC 6, Room 12B).