Lucy Software and Services holds webinar within SAP Partner Edge program

Within the context of SAP PartnerEdgeTM (SAP's partner program) Lucy Software held a webinar on 14 July 2011 on the subject "The 80:20 rule in SAP Translation: Opportunities and Risks". Lucy Software is one of SAP's first and leading "Language Consulting Partners" and has developed a reputation for in-depth technical expertise in the area of SAP translation in complex environments.

The presentation focused on best practices for translating custom-built SAP applications. Lucy Software has a wealth of experience in the challenging field of SAP translation. Drawing on the knowledge built up with over 50 SAP customers ranging from SMEs to global 500 players, Christopher Hearn from Lucy Software outlined how to approach translation projects most effectively. The key takeaway was that SAP translation projects must be treated just like development projects - taking into account the whole project lifecycle including maintenance and troubleshooting; expert advice and consulting can play a key role in optimizing the overall translation process and in driving down costs.