GALA Conference 2009, Cancun, Mexico

Lucy Software, represented by CEO, Daniel Grasmick will be attending the Gala 2009 conference, in Cancun, Mexico 14-16 September 2009.

Daniel will hold two workshops, one of which together with Lucy Software's partner organization Linguaserve, with the subject "Demystifying the Magic Translation Button".

The first workshop will focus on the reality of machine-assisted translation today. Based on his experience as a vendor and customer of language technology tools, Daniel Grasmick will examine various types of translation technologies in place, especially Machine Translation, and ask which technologies are viable, which ones are key and for which purposes.

In the second workshop Daniel Grasmick and Pedro Luis Díez-Orzas will lead a pragmatic session for buyers and suppliers interested in implementing Machine Translation (MT), outlining key considerations in workflow, content and process. They will address the usage of MT for information gisting and/or communication purposes across languages as well as the integration of MT in the translation production process.