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26 May 2009

MT-User Days 26/27 May 2009

After the big success one year ago, Lucy Software and its partner Incyta will be hosting the second MT User Days in Barcelona. For half a day, Lucy customers and prospects will gather in the Hotel Catedral. Among others, this years guest speakers from DFKI, BAB and Linguaserve will present business...

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25 May 2009

Translendium becomes Lucy Software Ibérica

Today Translendium SL has been renamed to Lucy Software Ibérica SL. "After the acquisition in 2008 we were a bit hesitant to make a well-known and respected company name disappear from its home market" says Daniel Grasmick, CEO of Lucy Software. "But the upcoming MT User Days 2009 in...

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02 Apr 2009

Machine Translation Solution Delivered to Xunta

Translendium SL, a 100% subsidiary of Lucy Software and Services GmbH delivered today a machine translation solution to the autonomous government of Galicia (Xunta). The three translation directions Galician ->Spanish, English ->Galician and Galician ->English will be integrated along with...

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26 Mar 2009

Wins Contract to Develop SAP Translation Strategy

Lucy Software and Services GmbH was awarded a contract by EJIE to develop a strategy for translating the entire SAP system from Spanish into Euskara (Basque) for the Basque market (government and commercial). The project for EJIE, a state-owned service company of the Basque Government, will run...

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11 Mar 2009

At Localization World 2009 in Berlin

Lucy Software will be exhibiting at the Localization World Conference June 8 to 10 2009 in Berlin, presenting the latest release of their leading MT solution Lucy LT.

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24 Feb 2009

SAP Customer Base Extended

One year after Lucy Software and Services GmbH first introduced its services to SAP users, the customer database reached the 20 mark. “We are more than overwhelmed by the success of our three tailored consulting and translation packages, the Translation Audit (TA), the Strategic Consulting...

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19 Jan 2009

2,026,160,315 words translated in one year

The highly popular Catalonian language portal: provides the general public of Catalonia with an easy-to-use online translation tool that offers rapid informative translations of texts and websites for a series of translation-directions to and from Catalan, including...

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24 Jul 2008

Wins Basque Government Contract for MT Solution

Lucy Software and Services GmbH was awarded a major contract by the autonomous Basque government (Eusko Jaurlaritza) to develop a machine translation solution for the translation of general texts from Spanish into Euskara (Basque). The solution is targeted to be available in 2009. This contract is...

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22 May 2008

MT-User Days 2008

Lucy Software and Services GmbH, its 100% daughter Translendium its partner Incyta will be hosting an MT summit at the Icaria hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The event will focus on trends in MT, user experiences and recommendations for effective multilingual communication within the enterprise and...

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19 May 2008

Translingual Europe in Berlin 2008

Daniel Grasmick, MD of Lucy Software, will be speaking at the Translingual Europe conference in Berlin Germany (19-20 May). Daniel will be sharing his views and insights on the current state of affairs in the MT arena.

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