Lucy LT Services

State-of-the-art MT software, combined with appropriate services make your MT solution a success.

You can select individual services or a full-service model where Lucy Software implements and maintains the MT solution for you. We want you to get the best out of Lucy LT while still being able to concentrate on your core competencies.


Lexicon Maintenance

If you do not want to train the MT system to speak your particular terminology and jargon, Lucy Software’s lexicographers can do this for you. We “teach” the system so you get the very best results. This service can be an initial “fast track” to cover your key terms, or it can be an ongoing service that continually improves and adjusts the system to your requirements. Coding can be based on existing terminology resources, bilingual files or your specific input.

Pre- and Post-Processing Rules

You can configure Lucy LT with so-called pre- and post-processing rules that enable you to further improve the MT output by automatically correcting invalid source texts (for example, typical misspellings) and also adjusting the target output to suit special requirements. Lucy Software also offers this as a service.


Courses are provided on the operation of Lucy LT both from an IT and a lexicon perspective.

System Integration

Lucy Software assists in integrating Lucy LT in your system landscape, secure data center and document process flow (as in the case study “La Vanguardia”).

Web UI and User Interaction

The Lucy Software experts configure the Lucy LT web front-end to fit in with your corporate CI guidelines and specific wishes. This service can also include integration in your portal.