Continental Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese Converter Piloted by JABA Translations

The Continental Portuguese -> Brazilian Portuguese converter is a full-fledge Lucy LT language pair which is able to perform “intelligent” spelling, lexical and grammatical conversions from the Continental Portuguese variety to Brazilian Portuguese.

It can be therefore used to automatically “brazilianize” documents written in Continental Portuguese.

Here are some examples of what type of conversions this tool can perform:

It must be stressed that in order for the converter to perform the grammatical changes from one variety or locale to the other, it needs to use linguistic knowledge in the way our Lucy LT translation engine does, by using computational grammars and lexicons. In other words, this task cannot be accomplished by using simple pattern matching rules or the like.

Jaba Translations has started using this converter for in-house use.This approach can eventually be used to deal with conversions between other language varieties or very closely related languages: British English - American English, European Spanish - American Spanish, Czech - Slovak, Swedish - Danish, to name only a few.