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Lucy LT Integration Success Stories

The following solutions and use cases highlight how well Lucy LT can be integrated into an overall document production and translation workflow.

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La Vanguardia

Lucy LT embedded in a bilingual newspaper publishing scenario:
La Vanguardia

Thanks to Lucy LT, the La Vanguardia newspaper in Spain is now produced in 2 languages, Spanish and Catalan so increasing readership and strengthening the position of the newspaper in a difficult economic climate for printed media.

The content is translated every night from Spanish into Catalan with Lucy LT.  The time window for translation and editing of the Catalan version is short, as is typical in the newspaper business.

The overall solution provides excellent results, making the production in Catalan completely affordable. Very importantly, during the translation process the document formatting (in this case Adobe InDesign) is retained, so avoiding any costly and time-intensive reformatting.

Workflow including machine translation with Lucy LT


Lucy LT is now part of the production process for 2 Spanish newspapers - another newspaper - Diari Segre - is also produced in a similar fashion.

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Volkswagen Portal

Lucy LT in Corporate Translation Portal:
Volkswagen AG

Nearly all companies and public administrations have an Intranet or Internet portal that provides a single point of entry for key services and applications. For companies that are internationally active it is only natural to offer a translation service directly within the portal. Keep your sensitive company information secure. E-mails and other company documents are frequently of a sensitive nature as they contain confidential financial, organizational or product/research information. Often employees are tempted to use freely available Internet translation offerings to translate these documents - at the risk of making internal information publicly visible. Unfortunately, commercial espionage is a dangerous reality.

Lucy LT portal solutions run in a secure intranet environment that protects your sensitive data, while providing a high-performance translation solution for your employees. For Volkswagen as a worldwide concern, international communication is key to the success of the company. Lucy LT plays a significant role in helping employees to securely translate content they do not understand but that is important for their job. Equally it is a great resource when they need to write something in a foreign language.

The screenshot left is of the Intranet Portal. The portal has a visitor hit rate well in excess of 2,000,000 hits per month, and growing.

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