La Vanguardia celebrates 5th anniversary of Catalan Edition

La Vanguardia newspaper just celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Catalan edition of its newspaper on May 3, 2016.

This news is significant in itself as it underlines the importance of the Catalan language in the Iberian peninsula and the strong identification of the population in the Catalan region with their language and distinct identity.

Even more impressive is the fact that La Vanguardia creates the Catalan edition based on the Spanish edition using machine translation technology - the Lucy LT software. MT is deeply embedded in the publication and editing process. Thanks to Lucy LT, La Vanguardia can publish not just one edition in Spanish, but also in Catalan - and daily.

The Catalan readership thank them with their purchase of the Catalan version of the newspaper.

For more details see the press article (in Spanish).

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