JABA Translations: Translation Summit and Partner Summit

Daniel Grasmick, CEO, and Blanca Vidal, Product Manager, represented Lucy SW at the Translation Summit (16-17 March) as well as the Partner Summit (18-20 March) organized by our customer and partner JABA Translations in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Blanca held a presentation entitled “Habit makes the Monk” Integration makes MT on the 2nd day of the Translation Summit. It demonstrated the advantage of having Machine Translation closely integrated in the production environment of a translator.

Daniel, together with Jörgen Danielsen from EULE talked about MT and LSPs: Two Uneasy Bedfellows?, where they not only addressed assumptions, challenges, and factors for MT usage but also discussed MTability regarding volume, various resources and time constraints. Furthermore, ownership, costs and MT productivity were on their list of aspects to be considered in a translation context.