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28 Jan 2008

Daniel Grasmick Keynote Speaker at Across User Conference

Daniel Grasmick from Lucy Software will be the keynote speaker at the across user conference in Cologne, Germany, 12-13 March (, where he will share his views and visions on globalization and how it affects authoring and translation...

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25 Jan 2008

Senior Developer for Translation Tools Appointed

Dr. Norbert Weitzel, a seasoned developer of translation tools has joined Lucy Software as the lead developer for custom translation tools specializing in the area of SAP translation and customer-specific development. Dr. Weitzel comes to Lucy Software from SAP where he was a key developer of...

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08 Jan 2008

New Director of Research Appointed

Daniel Grasmick, a seasoned MT and language technology specialist has joined Lucy Software as director of research. Daniel comes to Lucy Software from SAP where he built up SAP's MultiLingual Technology Solutions Group. Daniel has broad and deep knowledge of the whole bandwidth of language...

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01 Aug 2007

Director Business Development Appointed

Today Lucy Software and Services GmbH appointed Christopher Hearn as Director Business Development. Mr.Hearn will be responsible for marketing and business development. He brings over 25 years experience in the IT business, having worked with SAP and Software AG as well as Logos - where he gained...

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22 May 2007

22 May 2007 - Catalan-Aranese Machine Translation Prototype Launched

Today a Catalan-Aranese machine translation prototype was released on Since 2003, Translendium has offered this machine translation web page in which short texts, documents and web pages can be translated.

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